Tips on teaching Sharing

It’s mine! Does that statement sound familiar?

It's Mine! Tips on Teaching Sharing

Don’t worry it is common to hear this from your child. Even more so when you are asking them to share something with another child. When children are just starting to learn how to share, they need support and guidance using fun and enjoyable activities that will help them better understand the new concept. Here are a few tips on how to make sharing and collaboration easier for everyone.

Share with your child

Model the behavior by sharing your items, for example sharing your food or a yummy treat with them.

Take Turns

Teach your child how taking turns works. You can encourage by saying ‘your turn’ and ‘my turn’ in a game. If your child is playing in a group with friends, you can help the children remember whose turn comes before theirs.

Read about sharing

choose books about sharing. While reading the stories, ask how the characters might feel, what they should do and ask your child what they think might happen in the next story.

Use Food

For example, with a group of children, if you have a pack of biscuits, work together to divide everything equally so each child gets an equal share. Not only will this help reinforce sharing, it is a great math activity too.

Let them figure it out

Before you step in on a tussle over toys, wait to see if the children can come up with a solution on their own. If not, step in and try to guide a negotiation and give choices that are fair, then encourage setting a time limit and taking turns to play with the desired toy.

Make it Fun

When it is time to put the toys away, make a game out of it to see who can tidy up the fastest or work together to beat the timer.

Point out the Positives

When your child does a good job of sharing, make it known, so saying things like “well done for sharing your toy today” or “look how happy you made your friend”.

Finally, don’t forget to be patient. Learning anything new takes time, but supporting your child with the process will boost the lifelong skill of sharing and collaborating.

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