Our Facilities

What We Have To Offer

Modern State Of The Art Learning Facilities

Our classrooms have suitable large spaces with hands-on resources giving students the opportunity to construct their own learning experience. Also, as an institution that is fully technology-driven, we have interactive whiteboards in every classroom, creating a more fun and interesting learning experience for the children.


Computer Room

The school has a fully equipped computer room with internet facilities to further aid knowledge creation.

ICT Class

Arts & Craft

We actively involve the children in artistic drawings and paintings as well as handicraft activities, encouraging them to be creative and do things with their hands.

Music Room

Music is a big part of what we do in Mummy’s Place, encouraging every child to play at least one musical instrument, such that every student is skilled at one instrument upon graduation.

Music Class

Large Play Area

We consider leisure and recreation time an integral part of a child’s growth process and we give them enough time to unwind and have a good time..

Well Equipped Laboratories

We realize that with children this age, visualizing their learning and practicalizing it as well goes a long way to helping them understand the subject topic. The children engage in practical classes that apply to their level. 

Science Lab
Mummys Place Library


We make it a point of duty not to restrict the children to information directly from their teachers, they are allowed to corroborate classroom information in the library, develop their literacy levels, explore and create their own knowledge.