Our History

We get better with age

Established by Dr. Damilola Oshin, Mummys Place Int’l School was born on the 1st of August, 2001 with two babies in the daycare section and a baby in playgroup on the first day. The school has continued to experience rapid growth since 2001 and our pioneer kids who started in playgroup graduated in the 2008/09 session while those in daycare graduated in the 2009/10 session. Our children have gone on to achieve amazing things, recording a 100% success rate in the state common entrance exams for over 8 years consecutively. One of the graduates of Mummy’s Place Schools who went on to Emplace College (the secondary arm) tried his hands on the JAMB exams (writing from SS2) in 2017. He came out with flying colors recording the third-highest score in the federation at 328 out of a possible score of 400. To date, we continue to break records and set new ones. On several occasions, we have been recognized by both national and international bodies for our contribution to education in Ondo state and the country at large. However, all the accolades and awards are already a part of our history (yesterday). We are looking forward to creating even more history as we move ahead.


-Fundamentally, God is our source of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We look to Him for divine ideas and creativity
-This school is a community in which all of us students, parents, and teachers are both learners and teachers
-Education is best achieved in a caring and student-centered environment
-Providing for the realization of each student
-Nurturing students in critical inquiry, creative expression, ethical behaviour & cooperative social interaction.
-The acquisition of knowledge, development of skills, striving for excellence, and maintaining a sense of respect for self and others are essential components of education in Mummys Place.


Our mission is to create an enabling student-centered classroom environment where all students feel comfortable and safe enough to have freedom of expression, supported and bold enough for critical inquiry and confident enough to strive for excellence in all endeavours, so they can grow to be useful in the 21st-century society. Through care, we inculcate in them the value of self-esteem as well as respect for others so they can be dignified people who appreciate and
tolerate individual differences.